Parasites Cassete

by Direct Shot

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50 hand-numbered cassette tapes made by ourselves.


released February 27, 2014

Recorded in 2013 at Quadrophenia Studio by Sandro Garcia and Pedro Carvalho.
Mix and mastered by Pedro Carvalho.
Artwork by China Madein3.
Thanks to all our friends, people who've helped us in anyway and anyone who takes, or has taken the time to listen to us.

Additional vocals on Periodical Promises by Athos (DisXease; Inner Self) and Max (Sentenced; Life Trap)



all rights reserved


Direct Shot São Paulo, Brazil

A hardcore/punk straight edge band from São Paulo, Brazil.

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Track Name: Intro - Lying Mask
Blood stained dollars in your pockets
Drink out of a petroleum filled glass
Just couldn't resist expanding
The power you already posses
To convince the people you wear a lying mask
Called religion
Then scare the shit out of them
With hell, sins, and superstition

Do you have no guilt?
How do you sleep at night?
Why aren't your brothers and sons
Out there in the fight?!

Numbers growing in your account while you're at the office
War's death pool don't bother you
Care only for the profits
Disgusting parasite finds guns and flags thrilling
Your filthy life costs thousands of others
So let's invert the fuckin killing

They have no guilt
JUSTICE- we must ourselves apply
Because rats are still getting fat
While the innocent die!
Track Name: Disease
I never looked to go against anyone
Just when the stream of the world came against me
I was never afraid to take the challenge on
I'd refuse to bow to who didn't accept me

The swim against the stream only made me stronger
And so far I have only won
But in straightedge there's no one moment of victory
It's a constant battle until the end

Keep your defenses coming
They aren't enough to bring me to my knees
Keep your water running
I will swim against the stream...

But I haven't given up
So til this day, the victorious one aint the World
Its only me
Track Name: Ameaça
Olhos no escuro
Ausência de resgate
Inocente- protesto levou ao combate
Nós esmagam com ganância
Não vou mais ficar calado

Aprisionado- somos uma ameaça
As ruas desafiam o seu estado reaça

Nós esmagam com ganância
Não vou mais ficar calado
Vocês que deviam estar trancados
Prisão que não me pertence
Não fiz nada de errado
Track Name: Periodical Promises
Seems we're once again at that time in every four years
Thousands of smiling suit and ties start to appear
They lie and lie time after time
Millionth spit in our face and no jail for that crime

Periodical promises failure garanteed
Never come out of honesty, only out of greed
48 months ago they all said the same things
Claiming their plans were gonna stop the suffering

Well so far nothing did get better
All that happened is that your wallets are fatter

They are all the same
None of them feel no shame

Your ignorance is on what the parasites feed
They kidnapped your soul and gonna make you bleed!
Track Name: Bastards in Blue
Bastards in blue
Society makes you think they are good
But do you trust retards with guns
And opressing power
You wouldn't take the chance just me and you

They don't mean shit gold fucking badge and uniform blue
Based on our skin and our clothes you act to make us fools
While you should be handcuffing politicians above you
But all you motherfuckers seem to be the same
Searching for power, money and fame

If you're really the man you claim to be throw away the badge and the gun
Then come talk to me...
Then come talk to me!

Cowardly acts my hate just grows
I've got nothing but disgust for the five-oh!