V​/​A - Não Somos os Primeiros, Não Seremos os Últimos.

by Direct Shot

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released October 26, 2013



all rights reserved


Direct Shot São Paulo, Brazil

A hardcore/punk straight edge band from São Paulo, Brazil.

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Track Name: Won't Play Their Game
We walk these streets
The world don't know our name
But we know just how they work
And don't wanna play their game (2x)

One same city, two different worlds and all of us call it-
One same city, two different worlds and all of us call it home!

But they all live by the clock and the hour
We live our time and our streets
Yeah, the city is ours...

São Paulo!
Track Name: Her Life, Her Rules
Lord my father forgive me for I have sinned
Or have I just praised for the well of fellow citizens?
Make it a fucking law, to the right of choice
You say no
Just because some old book told you to do so

Pro Life? give me a fucking break
(you're all) just moralistic motherfuckers, that's your mistake
Pro Life? give me a break, just not able to see what really at stake
Her life is the on you'll ruin
Her right is the on you'll withdraw
How can she been the only one guilty of a entire society's flaw?

Weren't you statemen bound to represent us all?
Don't own her body, not her rights so it is not your call!